LBank Unveils 7 Global Locations for its ‚Web3 Connect‘ Roadshow Events

• LBank, a world-class crypto exchange, announces the locations for its ‘Web3 Connect’ roadshow series.
• The roadshows will be held in seven prominent crypto-supportive cities around the world.
• The roadshow events will offer a range of activities, such as educational sessions and panel discussions, to foster innovation within the blockchain industry.

LBank Announces Locations for ‚Web3 Connect‘ Roadshow Series

Global crypto exchange LBank is delighted to announce the upcoming locations for its highly anticipated ‘Web3 Connect’ roadshows. These events are committed to supporting listed projects and expanding their market influence, spanning seven prominent crypto-supportive cities around the world.

Roadshow Destinations

The Web3 Connect Roadshow events will be held in Seoul (June 5), Bangkok (July 13), Manila (July 20), Izmir (July 31), Dubai (August 3), Hong Kong (August 16), and Kuala Lumpur (August 30). These cities were selected because of their vibrant crypto communities and progressive legislative stances toward blockchain technology.

Events Activities

Each Web3 Connect event will offer a range of exciting activities, including educational sessions, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities with fellow crypto enthusiasts. Furthermore, it will provide a platform for blockchain projects to showcase their innovations on a global scale.

LBank’s Commitment to Innovation

LBank is deeply committed to supporting the growth and success of its listed projects, and these events will offer an invaluable opportunity for developers to connect with potential investors, partners, and users. Through these events, LBank strives to continue spearheading positive change within the crypto world by establishing a global presence through the Web3 Connect Roadshow series.


LBank sincerely invites any blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts or individuals interested in decentralized technologies to join them at any of these events.