Be Healthy & Active to Earn $DAMEX with the Damex Smart Finance App!

• Damex is a digital asset platform that uses NFTs and $DAMEX tokens to reward users for healthy activities.
• Damex has developed a smart finance app with a gamification layer to increase participation and promote healthy goals.
• The app is regulated by the Gibraltar GFSC and allows users to access cross-border remittance, Visa Card Program, OTC desk services, etc.

What Is Damex?

Damex is a digital asset platform that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and its own $DAMEX token to reward users for being healthy and active. Damex has developed a smart finance app with a gamification layer designed to increase user engagement and promote healthier goals. The app is currently available in the UK and EEA regions, with plans to launch the $DAMEX token utility following an IEO presale beginning on April 19th, 2023.

Regulatory Framework & MiCA Regulation

Ahead of market trends, regulators across Asia, the US, and Europe have turned their attention towards stricter legislation regarding crypto markets. The Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) Regulation will introduce new regulatory framework for European crypto-assets which aims to protect investors, ensure financial stability, foster innovation, and encourage interest in the sector. Companies with DLT licenses such as Damex will be able to offer trading and custody of DLT assets while adhering to these regulations.

Platform & Smart App Features

Established in 2017, Damex’s crypto payment platform is accessible by UK and EEA residents through their smart finance app which promotes an active lifestyle by offering rewards through NFTs and $DAMEX tokens when achieving set goals or milestones. Currently overseeing about $120 Million USD in trading volume per month from its 750 clients globally; other features of the app include access to cross-border remittance services as well as Visa Card Program & OTC desk services among others.


With increased regulation comes increased safety for investors alongside more opportunities for those companies that are already established within the industry; Damex being one of them due its Gibraltar DLT license that enables it to provide reliable trading & custody services while also tapping into the fitness industry through its move-to-earn gamification layer built into their smart finance application making digital asset finance more accessible than ever before!